A historic week in the Virtual Recall story
Kristina McIntyre
4 minutes
All change, no change
A historic week in the Virtual Recall story

This week we transitioned from being a privately owned company, created and run by two passionate vets, Jamie Crittall and Charlie Barton, and became part of Zoetis, the world's leading animal health company.

A significant change you may think, and in some ways it is - but in all the essentials, we remain the same. We're committed to improving animal health and welfare through enhancing the client experience, providing convenience, reducing admin workloads for practice teams (so staff can focus on pets and their owners) and improving workflows in clinics. These things that drive us will never change.

A desire to do more

Virtual Recall has seen 9 years of fantastic growth, thanks to the loyalty of our ever-growing customer base and the support of our partners across the whole industry.

But as a company we've always been restless - constantly developing new technologies and solutions which drive compliance levels (the Achilles' heel of all healthcare), not just for our existing customers in our current markets but also for veterinary practices in other countries.

We want to improve animal health and wellbeing on a truly global scale, and to achieve this we knew we needed a partner.

A meeting of minds

We were, therefore, absolutely delighted when Zoetis approached us. Zoetis's thoroughly well-earned reputation for always putting customers first - wanting them to flourish and be successful - combined with a commitment to enhancing the lives of people and animals, is infectious.

They share our passionate belief that veterinary practices must remain at the heart of the animal and owner relationship. Zoetis's resources and scale will help us invest in new product solutions and expand our offer for the benefit of our existing customers (and their clients and patients) as well as accessing more markets across the globe.

Working for the benefit of all

We know vets want digital technology to improve their workflow while needing to maintain their control. They want flexibility and choice - both with regards to their use of different products and working with multiple suppliers and manufacturers.

Virtual Recall's strength lies in our ability to work agnostically across the entire marketplace, creating innovative solutions that generate value for our customers, industry partners and suppliers. We are united in our ambition to improve the health & wellbeing of animals by putting the practices at the heart of the client-vet relationship - because when our customers thrive, we all benefit.

Together, Virtual Recall and Zoetis are committed to maintaining this neutral position for the benefit of every stakeholder. A new, separate business unit has been created - Digital Practice Services - within their Centre of Excellence that spans across Zoetis's International Operations.

Our teamwork makes the dream work

Another thing that won't change is our talented, amazing and fun-loving team that make coming to work such a joy. And those two vets with a vision? They remain at the helm steering the course.

So, to all of our existing customers and partners, we would like to thank you for your ongoing support and loyalty - we're totally committed to enhancing our collaboration and partnership with you.

To our new colleagues across the Zoetis network and future customers, we can't wait to start working with you!