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Reduce staff workload with automated reminders

John McNally

Director, Virtual Recall Australia 

Under-staffed and Over-Worked?

This is a common complaint currently, often accompanied by the comment that “the last thing we need just now is more clients!”. Who would have thought?

As staff shortages bite hard, not helped by COVID-19, now is the perfect time to turn to automation. Many industries have gone some way down this path already, with the motivation to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Think airline self-serve check-in (when we used to fly!), and supermarket checkouts, both are good examples of automation.

Vet clinic approach to automation should be around reducing administration tasks to allow existing staff more time to provide a quality customer experience. The adage that it costs far more to attract new customers than to do more business with existing clients still holds true.  Ensuring your existing clients are kept regularly informed of their pet’s clinical needs is not only good for the health of their pets but good for the health of your clinic. Reliable, regular, high quality reminders are seen by your clients as a service and will bring profitable, “easy” business through your doors. 

So, how can you introduce automation into your clinic?

Created by Vets, for Vets, the iRecall®  software is designed for just this purpose. On average to send 100 impersonalised reminders manually, it could take xxx amount of time. With iRecall®'s ability to work alongside your clinic management system however, 100 messages could be sent without any input from your staff at all, at a cost of just £3 to send by SMS*.

It's also running in real-time, to help manage your workload. Instead of having an influx of appointments after bulk reminders are sent out, iRecall® works day and night to send reminders to customers to give you a steady workflow of appointments across each month. It also allows you to streamline the customer experience by including the link to your online booking in the SMS & email messages. Reduce the number of clients being asked to hold when calling or having their clinic check-in/check-out interrupted by the phone! iRecall® goes to long lengths to ensure your client’s experiences are second to none!


Focus on what's important

iRecall® frees your staff to concentrate on your clients and their pets in the here and now of your clinic.  As an adjunct to good customer service, you can ask them what they thought of their experience via our state-of-the-art  Review module. This allows you to keep track of client sentiment in real time, encouraging positive responses to leave Google/Facebook reviews and alerting you immediately to any detractors.

What is more, as with all iRecall® communications, each touchpoint is implemented by Virtual Recall’s support engineers as part of the managed service and then set to be sent automatically, giving you back invaluable time to focus on your team, your clients, and their pets. And if you don’t have enough clients?  iRecall®’s  suite of Engage marketing campaigns can help keep your appointment book full of quality work.

Find out more 

Talk to us today about how we can free up your staff time and help your clinic run like the proverbial well-oiled machine!

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