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Keeping client data up to date with iRecall®

Claire Pritchard

Marketing Manager | Content writer | Event organiser

To ensure you and your clients get the most from your communications the first step is making sure that you have the correct contact details.


We’ve found that on average, 1 in 4 clients give either incorrect or invalid digital contact details, so we’re sharing with you the best ways to ensure you keep your client data up to date.


Having the correct contact details will provide a more reliable and trustworthy image for your practice. Ensuring you have reliable communications will improve compliance and customer engagement, in turn improving better health for the animals and the practice.


Pen & Paper

The first and most important way of ensuring you have all the right details is to capture them as soon as the client joins your practice. In your iRecall® welcome pack, you would have received a couple of contact notepads that can give to the client on sign-up. Leaving these in reception, or the waiting area is a simple and easy way for new and existing clients to provide you with their current details. If you require any more of these notepads, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more.


Making life easy for your clients

It’s all well and good catching a client’s contact details at the practice door, but what if they change their contact details before you see them again? Since vets only see their patients 0.01% of the year, this could be quite common. To tackle this, each and every one of our messages include a link to a form where clients can update their contact details and message preferences. These details are then automatically updated in the iRecall® Hub to ensure we are always contacting the most recent email address and/or mobile number.


Clean data across the board

The iRecall® software constantly interrogates your practice management system (PMS) data to ensure it sends the most relevant information. However, if a customer updates their details through an iRecall® communication we do not feed data back into your PMS. Every fortnight, we’ll send admin users an Insight Report which will include any data discrepancies. We recommend updating your PMS with the details we receive on the iRecall® Hub to ensure your data is as clean as possible.


As an iRecall® Hub user, you can download the data discrepancy report at any point by going to the iRecall® Hub -> Unsubscribes -> Data Discrepancies.


Banish bad contacts

 When iRecall® is searching through your PMS data, it also picks out any ‘Bad Contacts’. Bad contacts will flag as those whose details are invalid or incorrect, and this could include:

  • Mobile numbers that do not start with the correct country code. 
  • Mobile numbers that have too many or too little digits
  • Email addresses that do not follow the standard format: example@emailclient.co
  • Those who haven’t got any details at all

At any time, as an iRecall® Hub user, you can download the Bad Contacts report by going to the iRecall® Hub -> Unsubscribes -> Bad Report


Going the extra mile

We want to help you reach 100% of your clients, 100% of the time, and without either email addresses or mobile numbers, that can leave us with just one option: post. Each  iRecall®  module can use our SMARTdelivery™ intelligence when delivering communications via SMS, email and post. In the event of a message failure, SMARTdelivery™ automatically resends the same message via an alternative route. So, for example, those who have had an SMS and email fail, due to invalid or incorrect information, will automatically be sent a reminder via post (providing the customer and practice are opted-in to post).


Our postcards encourage clients to provide us with their most up-to-date details. To make things easy, we will provide a QR code and link on every postcard, where clients can update their details. This process is fully automated so that your practice can focus on your clients and patients. We can help you deliver your advice in the best way, beyond the practice door.


More information

Our support team are on hand Monday to Friday if you need help with the iRecall® Hub, or if you would like to discuss any of the points made in this article regarding the iRecall® service. Feel free to contact our support team by email our support team or by calling us on 0208 123 3965.


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