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Improve pet nutrition & increase food sales

Claire Pritchard

Marketing Manager | Content writer | Event organiser

Read on to learn how we can help drive new revenue for your practice without lifting a finger.

Case study: as a vet, how can we keep our patients on the right track with their weight


As vets, we're all too familiar with the common problems that over-weight animals can be at risk too - arthritis, diabetes, heart disease and even cancer. So, how can we beat obesity? Getting clients to put their pets on diets and become more active one step at a time. It's easy to recommend foods and activities, but making sure they stick to it can be a lot to add to your plate.

Not to worry though, we've got plenty of solutions to help with getting the right clients in, providing them with the right information, and helping them stay on track!


How to find out if your patients are over-weight?
Vets could waste hours trying to encourage all their clients to visit for a weight check, only to find out their animals are perfectly fit and healthy. The first step is to get the most at-risk patients through the practice door.

You can target the most relevant clients with symptom-spotting content. Educational content will strengthen customer relations, provide your expertise beyond the practice door to give confidence to the client to run simple checks on their animals.

Providing you with a targeted, symptomatic audience, gives you a good quality of appointments, making sure you're giving the best health care to those who need it most.

It's important to not only educate clients on how to spot possible signs, but also provide them with insightful information. Warn them about the risks of common disease and health complications. This extends your care beyond the practice door, giving value to the client, building trust.

I know what you're thinking; that seems like a complicated, time-consuming job! I've not got time to write all the content or the expertise to deliver this content in the best fashion.

Look no further! We've already done the work for you. Written by our trusted vets & delivered by our patented software, iRecall® provides high-end personalised communications, branded to your practice, delivered to your clients, all fully automatically (no late-lunches or midnight dinners from an overload of extra work)!


How to keep them on track of their diet?
We've all been there; visited a 15 min appointment, been told a bunch of important information, and by the time we're home, we've forgotten all the advice we were given. Let's be honest, any print out we received has either fallen into the car footwell or lost in the bottomless full-of-stuff kitchen drawer!

Keeping clients on track of their animals’ diets can be easily forgotten, much like regular parasiticide treatments and vaccination appointments. You shouldn't stop with reminding clients of only those common treatments.

Communication is key. Reminders work (& we can prove it) - so what's better than reminders? Reminders with helpful, useful and encouraging information!

Reminding your clients of their animals' new diet plans and reminding them of each transition or change, really makes the difference.

Continue to bring your care beyond the consulting room.
• Highlight the benefits of a particular diet
• Ensure and support correct transitioning
• Enable convenient reordering

Sounds great? But again, I know you'll be worrying this is another time-consuming task to keep up. Well, worry no more! iRecall® Nutrition does all this fully automatically. Each communication is tailored to the patient and client, as well as branded to the practice.

Just in case you're still not sure, we did a little investigation work. We knew that typical repurchase rates drop by over 50% after each purchase, but in 2019, iRecall®'s nutrition module changed that statistic. By the 4th repurchase, the expected 8% of purchasing, had risen by over 5 times, to 51%.


Industry-standard repurchase rates for animal foods



iRecall® effect on repurchase rates for animal foods


Delivering the best diet, straight to their door? 
Even before the global pandemic, home delivery and ordering online was the norm. With lockdowns and inconsistent restrictions in place around the country, it's only becoming a more reliable and convenient service.

Providing a safe, easy contact-free service, for home delivery and click & collect not only encourages clients to order through their trusted vet, but also makes it easy for them to keep on top of their animals' health. With 1/3rd of online orders made 'out of hours'**, it proves the most convenient way to purchase.

Make it easy for you and your clients to order the products when they want, to where they want through, integrating reorder links in reminders and communications.

Home delivery is not only convenient for your clients, but also for the practice too. It will reduce the amount of stock you have to carry in practice, boost your cash flow and minimise out-of-date stock write-offs.

OurVet.Shop™* is not like any standard online ordering platform, it's your personalised home delivery platform which integrates with your client communications (automatically - of course), allowing clients to reorder products directly from their messages.


OurVet.Shop™ is quick & easy for the practice to manage as the system pulls the data from your PMS (via our iRecall® integration). As with all the Virtual Recall products, it's always branded to your practice and personalised to your client.

In addition to foods, clients can have their parasiticide treatments delivered, order chronic medications and pay for other services (e.g. video consultations, outstanding invoices). OurVet.Shop™ is your home delivery service for your clients, your way.


Communication is key 

We understand that communications and marketing isn’t always a vets’ area of expertise and it also takes up valuable time - that's why we've created a library of ready-to-go communications that are fully automated.


Communicating to your clients with the right information, at the right time, personalising each message to them and their animals will make an impact on the relationship, building trust and knowledge, creating loyal, long-lasting clients.


*OurVet.Shop™ is only currently available in the United Kingdom.

**Our stats have found that a 1/3rd of OurVet.Shop™ orders are made 'out of hours,'.

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