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All iRecall communications benefit from these features and as a result, reducing your workload, improving your workflow all while delighting your clients.


Species-specific imagery

Species related imagery for all relevant communications and only relatable campaigns sent to clients

Seasonal imagery

Seasonal imagery automatically updated for reminder communications*

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Creating an easy-to-manage service for both you and your clients
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Online client booking

Seamless online booking facilities & enables the client to choose the most suitable time for their appointment. iRecall can also integrate with 3rd party booking systems, e.g Vetstoria.


Timely & targeted

Real-time data, relevant content to the practice and the animal(s). Resulting in higher open rates, with better reach & greater conversions for improved outcomes

Manage client preferences

Communications preferences manageable online by the client. Contact details & preferences automatically updated in the iRecall Hub when changed by the client

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Data security & privacy

ISO 27001 registered to provide you with the certainty that our data & security policies are of the highest standard

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Global data compliance


Truly personalised

Client & patient name(s), dates, products all automatically combined for that personal touch

Tailored to your practice

Practice details, site details, email sign off, logo, brand colours throughout

Combined messages

Integrating all of a client's animals, products and appointments into a single communication with one easy call-to-action

Fully automated

Always fully automated, iRecall interrogates with your live PMS data to ensure that your communications are always accurate. No data extraction or uploading required


Implemented & managed service

Dedicated support team available for set-up install and on-going support

Tracked results

The iRecall Hub tracks and collates delivery, sent, opened, conversion stats. Fortnightly insight reports sent to all admin users to keep you in the loop of what iRecall has supported


Multi-channel communications

SMS, email, web, post & social. Allowing you to remind 100% of your clients, 100% of the time

Invalid contact details identifiers

Fortnightly reporting flagging any invalid or updated contact details, which will be automatically updated when changed in your practice management system

Seamless integrations

iRecall integrates with an ever-growing number of systems, including Vetstoria, VetBooker, Vethelpdirect, Vetsdirect, SmartFlow, Google Reviews, Facebook Reviews, Yelp!

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Smart content logic

Modulates different content or messaging according to patient/client characteristics, e.g. whether a client has opted into marketing or not
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No need for data extraction

All our communications are created in real-time from live practice data, reducing your team's admin workload by eliminating the need for data extraction
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NPS tracking

NPS scoring from a granular individual client level through to organisation level, enabling management to compare and contrast over time
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Practice management system agnostic

Seamlessly connect with 26 practice management systems. Providing live data for perfectly timed content