The problems iRecall® helps to solve

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Improving client loyalty, compliance, profit and workload

iRecall® reminder solutions make an immediate, tangible difference to vets, clients and their pets by improving client service, compliance, sales and costs.

Client loyalty to your clinic

Many veterinary clinics face increasing competition locally and online.  Clients expect high levels of service and can be quick to shop around.

iRecall® delivers first class client service and better bonding to your clinic.  Clients appreciate iRecall®’s timely, helpful reminders, uniquely covering all their pets in a single, easy to read message containing all the information they need to dose correctly, and to reorder products or book appointments with you.

Low rates of compliance

Improving rates of compliance is a priority for many clinics.  Regular treatment for preventable diseases is often not maintained, prescribed products are forgotten or remain unused in a drawer, repeat prescriptions are not ordered or administered on time, and vaccination and health checks are often missed or late.

iRecall® is the only SMS and email veterinary reminder service to include product name, pet names and click-through clinic details in every message, making it simple for owners to keep their pets healthy, and for you to improve compliance.

Low repeat product sales, high missed appointment and reminder costs

The status quo for many clinics is generating sales on the back of each client’s annual booster appointment – much lower sales than could be achieved.  Missed appointments are costly, and sending out reminder letters is expensive given the high cost of printing and postage.

iRecall® text and email reminders are proven to increase parasiticide sales by 37% on average and general sales by 16% on average. Booster reminder print and postage costs are reduced by 75% on average, and saving one missed appointment per week will pay for your iRecall® Appointments service.

High clinic management workload

Reminder letters can take hours of clinic management time each month.  Existing electronic reminders can also take time to schedule and clean up data, or to extract and upload data to a third party service.

iRecall®’s deceptively simple, automated services reduce workload for your clinic by integrating seamlessly with your PMS.  Live data is checked automatically to ensure reminders are accurate, and messages are sent at the pre-scheduled time without any staff input at all – 365x24x7.

Our services are proven to deliver results as soon as they are implemented, increasing sales by 37% on average, reducing costs and delivering a return on investment of at least 300%.

Some vets and clinic managers we speak with wonder if the benefits of iRecall® are too good to be true.  Feedback and data from our clients show our services genuinely deliver on our promise.  Our profit calculator shows you the potential financial benefits for your clinic, and our pricing page explains our transparent, tailored pricing model.

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