Why iRecall®

iRecall® is the most personalized, most profitable and easiest to use veterinary client reminder service available to your clinic.

As practising vets, we understand the challenge of balancing patient care, client care and clinic management.  Our mission is to develop the best veterinary reminder services on the market for vets, pets and owners, driving up compliance across the veterinary sector.

iRecall®: Best for vets, pets and owners

Best for Vets

Our uniquely client-friendly, personalized reminders, intelligent, automated programming, ease of use and significant financial benefits make iRecall® a powerful client service, compliance and reputation building tool for you and your clinic.

Best for Owners

Owners appreciate how iRecall® messages help keep their pets healthy.  One message covers all pets and treatments by name, from a recognized  source name or email address.  Less spam + more peace of mind = happier, more loyal clients.

Best for Pets

iRecall® reminders are proven to improve dosing frequency, vaccination uptake and timely appointments, meaning more pets receive treatment for preventable diseases as regularly as needed, staying as healthy as possible.

Better than your PMS

Our independence of a wider system means we can deliver the most intelligent, automated and personalized reminder services on the market, while integrating seamlessly with your PMS to avoid creating extra work.

Better than free reminders

Our product vendor-independent reminder services integrate with your database, meaning no time spent extracting data to a third party service and no risk of clients receiving reminders on euthanized animals or outdated treatment plans, from a number they don’t even recognize  Don’t share data with third parties – keep it to yourself!

Better than sending letters

In addition to iRecall® text and email reminders saving 75% of the cost of letters, research shows pet owners prefer text messages too, responding to them more and opting out less.  With iRecall® you also benefit your reputation, positioning your clinic as client-focused, forward thinking, and environmentally aware.