Remote Support

Installation and technical support for iRecall® customers

For technical assistance with a Virtual Recall® product, or to enable us to install iRecall® remotely, please download our remote TeamViewer software onto the computer hosting your PMS database – usually your server.

TeamViewer is a remote access window that allows us to use your computer as if we were sitting at it. This means we do not need to physically visit the clinic to install iRecall®, and if you leave the server logged on, we can install out of hours, to ensure no disruption to your normal usage.

The system is very safe, as we will only be able to access your computer once you have provided us with your unique usercode and password generated within the program. You may need administrator rights to be able to install the software.

To install TeamViewer:

Which computer? Teamviewer and iRecall®  will normally be installed on your server. If this is not the case then choose a PC which can be available should we need to provide maintenance. An office PC in part time use is preferable to the receptionists’ terminal.

Ensure that you are logged into Windows as the Administrator on your server/PC. Contact your IT Manager or PMS provider if you are unsure of these details. We will need to install iRecall under the administrator account, so please provide us with these details to enable us to service iRecall when you are not there.

DOWNLOAD TEAMVIEWERhere. Depending on your system, this may offer you an option to Run or Save, choose Run. It will download a file which you need to open and follow the install process.

  • If asked if you want to use this as Private / Personal use or Commercial use then Select Commercial use.

TeamViewer will then ask you to provide a password which you will need to create and remember. This will become the password we use to access your computer. You can change this password at any time to remove our access.

It may ask you if you wish to allow Virtual Recall Support access to your device, select Allow and finish.

Finally TeamViewer will give you an ID, please make a note of this ID and email the ID and password to:, or call us on 1-844-814-1690 along with a selection of specific times and dates that the server would be available for the install. Installation generally only takes about 30 mins and can be actioned once all the install forms are completed and returned.

Please contact us if you have any questions.