Tailored, transparent pricing with a proven ROI

Think of iRecall® as a monthly investment, which boosts your business. our customer data proves that you would get an average ROI of 300%, through a combination of the increase in sales and reduction in costs. Our transparent pricing, tailored to your clinic, helps you feel confident you are getting value for money.


Our pricing model is tailored to each of our clients, taking into account factors including the number of vets, branches, servers and iRecall® modules installed.   There is no limit on the number of messages you can send, so you can relax knowing you can send the right number for your clinic.


iRecall® pricing is transparent so you understand what drives the price you pay initially and over time. Like our services, our pricing is modular, so you pay only for what you use.


Each iRecall® module is priced competitively within the marketplace, as we know our clients need to manage the costs to their clinic alongside the value.  Buying additional iRecall® modules to extend your client service and other benefits is cost-effective, with discounts to reflect the iRecall® services already in place in your clinic.

Sponsor benefits add further value

We pride ourselves on our relationship with leading animal health providers in the Australia and USA and we welcome discussions with manufacturers, wholesalers and buying groups elsewhere to help you offer more to your customer – the Veterinary clinic.

Get in touch to discuss opportunities with Virtual Recall.

We are confident the tangible value of increased sales and reduced costs will more than offset what you pay for iRecall® reminder services.

Once you take into account the additional benefits to client service, reputation and animal health, you’ll wonder how you managed without it!

Take a look at our profit calculator to find out more, or contact us to see how iRecall® could benefit your clinic.

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