iRecall® Vaccinations

Better compliance for less work with iRecall®’s painless booster reminders

Take the pain out of your vaccination booster reminders and improve compliance with iRecall®’s highly personalized, fully automatic electronic and print reminder service.

Combined, personalized reminders – great service, less spam

iRecall® Vaccinations is the only text and email booster reminder service on the veterinary market to offer a single, personalized message that covers multiple pets and vaccinations by name, type and due date.   Your clients will appreciate receiving fewer, more helpful messages with all the information they need to book their pet’s check up with you.

All iRecall® reminders are always sent from your clinic phone number or email address, a source your clients know and trust.  Handling overdue appointments is simple too, as iRecall® allows up to five reminders: two due, and three overdue.

Genuinely automated, saving you hours every month

Your clinic team will appreciate how easy iRecall® booster reminders are to manage, running automatically and seamlessly in the background so you don’t need to do anything.   iRecall® is fully integrated with your existing clinic management system, removing the time-consuming job of extracting data, cleaning and checking it, and uploading it to third parties.

iRecall® booster reminders are pre-set to send automatically every day, at your preferred time of day, spreading appointments and workload and ensuring every client receives their reminders precisely when they’re needed.  iRecall® works in the background 365x24x7, so you don’t need to worry about holidays, busy periods or illness.








Huge cost savings – average 75% saved on printing & postage

Text message reminders are proven to be preferred by pet owners, and more effective at improving compliance.  Equally important are the cost savings for text and email reminders compared to printing and posting your vaccination reminder letters every month.  iRecall® booster reminders are proven to save an amazing 75% on average print and postage costs for letters, while maintaining the personal touch of a first class clinic.  When coupled with other iRecall® reminder services, such as iRecall® Parasiticides or iRecall® Appointments, the return on investment is even better, growing sales and increasing bonding as you deliver first class service across your clinic reminders.

Better, more timely compliance – healthier pets, happier clients

Ultimately, as vets we want healthy pets, a healthy clinic and happy clients.  iRecall® Vaccinations helps more pets receive their vaccinations on time, providing a service clients value that also drives up profits for your clinic.




With which PMS is iRecall® compatible?

iRecall® is currently compatible with the following clinic management systems:

  • Cornerstone
  • Avimark
  • Impromed (coming soon)
  • VetSpace (Jupiter) Voyager
  • RxWorks
  • OpenVPMS
  • Robovet
  • Premvet
  • Ventana
  • VetSpace (Jupiter) Enterprise
  • AT Systems (if using Dataminer)
  • EzVetpro
  • Teleos
  • Verifac
  • Vet-One
  • NVS VetCom Windows
  • VetWorks
  • Vetsys
  • Assisi
  • VET IT
  • Provet Viva
  • Provet Vision
  • VetLinkSQL
  • Quickvet

We are able to look at integrating with any database so please contact us for more information.

Can iRecall® really deliver the financial benefits you claim?

Yes! The data, our customers and our partners show our products genuinely transform sales, reduce costs and deliver a healthy return on investment.  Take a look at our Why iRecall® page to find out more.

How does iRecall® Vaccinations work?


Do you have an information sheet I can use to discuss iRecall® with my colleagues?
Is my data safe?

Absolutely.  We take data protection very seriously.  The huge advantage of iRecall over other reminder services is that all the data stays on your database.  We do not extract lists of data and store them off site.  The service simply reads from your database, works out what reminders need processing, and then sends them -all within a few seconds.  We do provide a message log of all messages sent, which is hosted on a secure website with your unique log in details.

What about Euthanased Pets, moved clients and optouts

As iRecall® always reads live from your database there is no risk of sending messages to euthanased pets, which can be very distressing for the client. This is another huge advantage of iRecall over systems that require uploads of data extracted, which can be out of date. iRecall® will also interpret most ‘Moved away’ style flags, and communication preferences within practice management system, allowing you to use your database as intended.

My database is not very tidy – does that matter?

iRecall was designed by two Veterinary surgeons, so we know what typical databases look like. We’ve come up with ways to clean your data as much as possible, and we’ll look for a mobile number to send an SMS to, regardless of which contact field it sits in (such as ‘Home’ or ‘Work’).  Notes beside a number such as 07815308xxx – Mrs, will still get used as expected.

We can also provide you with tips on how to improve your database to maximise the effectiveness of iRecall by collecting mobile and email details.

I’m worried my clients will be annoyed by the reminders

Clients usually are very grateful of the reminders that you are sending.  All iRecalls reminders are a service level enhancement referring to a product or service that the client has already bought in to.  iRecall simply helps them to do what they want to do, at the right time.  The messages are not sales motivated, which makes a significant difference.

What if we discontinue a product or add a new one?

Adding new products is easy, by searching for new ones at the click of a button.  In fact, soon we’ll alert you if we find new products automatically.  If you discontinue a product then as you no longer are selling any, the system won’t send reminders.  They can also be permanently deleted if required.

How far in advanced does iRecall® send a pet’s vaccine reminder?

iRecall® Vaccinations allows up to 5 vaccination reminders: 2 prior, and 3 post due date.  Our recommended settings is to send a reminder 30 days prior and 7 days prior.  If the pet is not brought in for vaccinations before or by its due date, iRecall will then send past-due reminders at 15, 45, and 75 days after.  By sending multiple reminders at strategic time intervals your practice dramatically increases the number of returning clients, and decreases the number of pets missing out on their annual vaccinations.