iRecall® Surveys – NEW!

Measure the pulse of your practice

Do you know what your clients really think of you?  Do you measure up to their expectations?  What keeps them coming back time and time again?

iRecall® Surveys automatically sends out client satisfaction surveys by SMS or email, to your clients within an hour of their visit, so you’ll always have your finger on the pulse.

Delighted clients are loyal and valuable

We all want happy clients and happy pets, after all that’s why we became vets in the first place. But let’s be honest, as a clinic team we don’t get everything right all of the time, after all we’re only human! Research has shown that 96% of unhappy customers don’t complain, but 91% of those actually leave and never come back. And what is more, they will tell roughly a dozen people about their experience. This is astounding and shows how important is its to understand and use client satisfaction surveys within your clinic.

It also makes financial sense, as acquiring new clients is 5-8 times more expensive than retaining your existing customers. Your most loyal customers drive the majority of the value in your clinic. Industry sources show that the top 10% of clients spend as much as 8x more than the remaining 90% of clients.

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Explore iRecall Surveys rich features:


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Hot Alerts

Use an automated alert which immediately reports to you if a client has responded negatively to particular questions so that a team member from your practice can contact them to resolve any concerns before they are lost altogether. In this way you can turn a potential negative critic into one of your best advocates by showing that you really care.

Google Reviews

Google reviews are notoriously hard to get and even harder to control. Using our clever survey logic you can invite your happiest customers to leave a 5 star google rating in a single click. iRecall Surveys achieves a 10 fold increase on Google reviews compared to other means, optimising your SEO as a result.

Bespoke for your practice, for your clients

Every clinic is different with a different client base. iRecall®Surveys are bespoke to your clinic, with your own branding, targeting your clients. You can either choose from one of our customizable templates based on tried and tested formats, or create something that is completely bespoke for you. For example, you may want to have a survey specifically targeted at new customers (1st visit to a practice) to ensure that they become a long-term valued client. You may be thinking of making changes within your clinic and you want to get some input from your client base, using our polling feature.

All iRecall® messages are personalized, naming the client’s pet and they are sent from you rather than a third party.

How do you measure up?


The end goal of a client satisfaction survey is to get actionable feedback that you can use to improve the overall client experience. iRecall® Surveys will show you where your particular strengths and weaknesses lie. It will allow you to celebrate many the things that you do well and also help you to focus time, energy and training on the areas that require improvement.It automatically sends regular reports to suit your requirements, including a globally recognized Net Promoter ScoreSM. In addition, you will able to review your results online as often as you wish.

iRecall® Surveys allow you to track your results over time and to compare multiple sites, creating internal benchmarks. It helps you to identify trends and changes, acting as an early warning system if there’s a particular area that needs addressing before it becomes an issue.


iRecall® Surveys automatically sends out client satisfaction surveys by SMS or email, to your clients within an hour after selected consultations or vaccination procedures have been invoiced. The rapid delivery and excellent response rates typically achieved through SMS will give you ‘real time’ feedback, so you can always keep your finger on the pulse of your practice.

iRecall® interfaces seamlessly and automatically with your existing practice database. There is no need to export your data, no extra workload. So, you can focus on delighting every single client and their pets.

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With which PMS is iRecall® compatible?

iRecall® is currently compatible with the following clinic management systems:

  • Cornerstone
  • Avimark
  • Impromed (coming soon)
  • VetSpace (Jupiter) Voyager
  • RxWorks
  • OpenVPMS
  • Robovet
  • Premvet
  • Ventana
  • VetSpace (Jupiter) Enterprise
  • AT Systems (if using Dataminer)
  • EzVetpro
  • Teleos
  • Verifac
  • Vet-One
  • NVS VetCom Windows
  • VetWorks
  • Vetsys
  • Assisi
  • VET IT
  • Provet Viva
  • Provet Vision
  • VetLinkSQL
  • Quickvet

We are able to look at integrating with any database so please contact us for more information.

Is my data safe?

Absolutely.  We take data protection very seriously.  The huge advantage of iRecall over other reminder services is that all the data stays on your database.  We do not extract lists of data and store them off site.  The service simply reads from your database, works out what reminders need processing, and then sends them -all within a few seconds.  We do provide a message log of all messages sent, which is hosted on a secure website with your unique log in details.

What about Euthanased Pets, moved clients and optouts

As iRecall® always reads live from your database there is no risk of sending messages to euthanased pets, which can be very distressing for the client. This is another huge advantage of iRecall over systems that require uploads of data extracted, which can be out of date. iRecall® will also interpret most ‘Moved away’ style flags, and communication preferences within practice management system, allowing you to use your database as intended.

My database is not very tidy – does that matter?

iRecall was designed by two Veterinary surgeons, so we know what typical databases look like. We’ve come up with ways to clean your data as much as possible, and we’ll look for a mobile number to send an SMS to, regardless of which contact field it sits in (such as ‘Home’ or ‘Work’).  Notes beside a number such as 07815308xxx – Mrs, will still get used as expected.

We can also provide you with tips on how to improve your database to maximise the effectiveness of iRecall by collecting mobile and email details.

I’m worried that my clients will be annoyed by receiving client satisfaction surveys

Most clients will be more than happy to provide feedback for their veterinary practice, after all you are looking after their beloved family pet. And their feedback will help you to do this even better. If clients don’t want to have surveys sent to them in future, it is easy for them to be taken off the list.

Do you have an information sheet I can use to discuss iRecall®Surveys with my colleagues?