The UK’s most successful client communications solution, helping over 5.8 million animals worldwide to enjoy healthier, happier lives.

irecall engage

Timely education and advice to assist animal owners in becoming active partners in their animal’s health. Create your own marketing campaigns or use our library of templates.

irecall remind

A suite of deceptively simple text, email, and postal reminder services to book, apply or re-purchase treatments and services. Remind 100% of your clients 100% of the time.

irecall review

Responsive surveys providing immediate client feedback, generating positive online reviews. Client testimonials that you can share online and celebrate with your team.

The iRecall® Journey


Charles receives an email from his practice about a vaccine amnesty programme and books Pomme an appointment online.


Charles receives an email about Pomme’s appointment. At the vaccine consultation, Pomme’s vet recommends a prescription diet.


Within an hour of Pomme’s regular check-up, Charles completes a mobile feedback questionnaire and posts a glowing review. The practice views the results in real-time on the Hub.

irecall hub dashboard

irecall hub

This is the control room where you can manage all your iRecall® services and monitor your KPIs and successes.