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Insights, testimonials, and online reviews

iRecall® Review allows you to review your practice’s strengths to celebrate with your team, as well as highlighting areas for improvement so that you can focus time, energy and training most effectively. Gather Net Promoter Scores (NPS) easily and in an unbiased way, with real-time reporting. Using automated logic to contact the right clients at the right time, we achieve up to 40% response rate – your clients want to help! iRecall® Review provides a continual source of new client testimonials to use in attracting new customers. It will automatically push happy clients to Google reviews or your Facebook page, whilst testimonials are captured and automatically fed directly into your practice’s website.

84% trust

A Complete End-to-end Solution

Personal: A personalised message sent within an hour of an appointment.

Hot alerts: you’ll be sent an email immediately when a client is not as satisfied as you would like so that you can put things right straight away.

NPS score: Key performance indicator to measure how satisfied your clients are with your service.

Real-time results in your Hub so you’ll always have your finger on the pulse of your practice.

Attract new clients through enhanced online presence

  • Google review
  • Facebook reviews
  • Automatic testimonial feed direct to your website

A Full Reporting Site

All results are fed back into your own online Hub where you can track, trend and monitor the practice performance. You can compare different sites and identify strengths and weaknesses. We give you feedback that you can act upon.

The iRecall® Journey


Charles receives an email from his practice about a vaccine amnesty programme and books Pomme an appointment online.


Charles receives an email about Pomme’s appointment. At the vaccine consultation, Pomme’s vet recommends a prescription diet.


Within an hour of Pomme’s regular check-up, Charles completes a mobile feedback questionnaire and posts a glowing review. The practice views the results in real-time on the Hub.

irecall hub dashboard

irecall hub

This is the control room where you can manage all your iRecall® services and monitor your KPIs and successes.

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