A simple and effective way to increase client loyalty, grow profit, drive up compliance and reduce workload.

iRecall remind

A market leading suite of SMS, email and postal client reminder services to help veterinary practices.

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We’re All Busy

Busy lives make it easy for animal owners to forget to treat, or to buy more, however, as vets we know the consequences can be dire for their beloved pet. Pet owners appreciate a gentle nudge, a reminder.

But you run a busy practice too. iRecall® completely automates these tasks by processing data from your PMS database and generating intelligent, client-friendly messages. Our patent pending message builder combines multiple treatments and animals into one personal message and then sends it fully automatically, so you don’t have to.


  • Proven to improve compliance & boost sales by 38%
  • Enhance your Healthplan and retain clients
  • Click ‘n’ Collect: reordering at the touch of a button



  • 20% increase in vaccination compliance
  • Significantly shorter intervaccinal period for both dogs and cats
  • Intelligent on-line booking so clients can request a time to suit them
  • Up to 5 reminder periods (2 prior and 3 post due date) to maximise compliance



  • Drive regular footfall into practice
  • Available for all types of health check-ups; dental, weight, mid-year consultations as part of your health plan.
  • Intelligent on-line booking so clients can request a time to suit them

41% increase


  • Helps clients stay on track with their pet’s nutrition plan by providing additional support in the first critical days & weeks of transitioning to a new diet
  • Click & Collect:  reordering at the touch of a button
  • Boosts repeat purchase by linking to your loyalty scheme.  41% increase in repeat sales of newly recommended foods.

iphone appointments


  • Combine all appointments into one message, rather than multiple messages which can easily be missed or end up with the client turning up at the wrong time.
  • Include a Google map in your message so new customers can find you easily
  • Each missed appointment can cost you £55 in lost professional fees, drug costs and procedure opportunities

The iRecall® Journey


Charles receives an email from his practice about a vaccine amnesty programme and books Pomme an appointment online.


Charles receives an email about Pomme’s appointment. At the vaccine consultation, Pomme’s vet recommends a prescription diet.


Within an hour of Pomme’s regular check-up, Charles completes a mobile feedback questionnaire and posts a glowing review. The practice views the results in real-time on the Hub.

irecall hub dashboard

irecall hub

This is the control room where you can manage all your iRecall® services and monitor your KPIs and successes.

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