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Are you GDPR ready?

Don’t miss out on being able to stay connected with all your clients, to help keep their animals healthy and grow your future business.

From 25th May 2018, you will require overt consent from your clients to send them marketing communications. But getting and staying GDPR compliant could be a hugely time-consuming task for your team (without the help of some clever technology!)

No paper
No filing
No hassle

No additional workload for your team to capture ALL your clients’ consent and communication preferences.


The only solution that can seamlessly send personalised SMS, Email & Postal messages to gain, maintain and manage your clients’ consent and communication preferences on an ongoing basis for less than the cost of a Royal Mail stamp

  • Fully automated & personalised: consent requests, bespoke to your practice, tailored to each client
  • Future-proof: your database can be automatically maintained on an ongoing basis, gaining new clients’ consent
  • Flexible: clients can manage their communication preferences
  • Real-time: track your KPIs via your secure online iRecall® Hub
  • PMS agnostic: compatible with a broad range of systems

How does it work?

Personalised SMS, Email & Postal requests sent to each client to gain consent.

  • Once a client has given their consent, no further requests will be sent
  • Message wording is optimised at each stage of the campaign and tailored for active and lapsed clients
  • SMARTdelivery™ technology to maximise response rates.

Existing iRecall® customers

Supplement your iRecall® Remind and Review messages after the May deadline with communication preference requests.


SMARTdelivery™ Technology:

iRecall® automatically selects the best delivery method for each individual client.

smart delivery


What is GDPR and what does it mean for my practice?

The world has changed significantly since the Data Protection Act in 1998. GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a European-wide overhaul of what and how companies collect and store personal information about their customers and staff. It came into force on 25th May 2018, and while the UK is still an EU member, it will be part of UK law post-Brexit. The deadline offered practices an excellent opportunity to review data protection policies, gain clients’ opt-in and ensured appropriate measures are in place. Your practice, as the registered data controller, is responsible for how personal data is processed within the business. This includes any data you store on your employees, as well as your clients.

As of the May deadline, you are required to have evidence of consent from your clients to be able to send them marketing communications.

What counts as consent?

Currently, most practices bundle “marketing” consent into their terms and conditions, however, this will no longer be good enough. Consent must be explicit and traceable – that is having a signed piece of paper or a digital fingerprint/record. It will also need regularly renewing. Verbal consent is no longer acceptable (unless you record the conversation!). So, getting and staying GDPR compliant could be a hugely time-consuming task for your team if done manually.

iRecall® Consent Management is the only solution that can seamlessly send personalised SMS, email & postal messages to gain, manage and maintain your clients’ consent and communication preferences on an ongoing basis, without additional workload for your team.

Which of my clients should I contact before 25th May 2018?

You should contact ALL your customers from the last 5 years, even those who you haven’t seen recently as you will not be allowed to do so after May 2018 for marketing purposes.

We believe GDPR is a great opportunity to re-engage with all your clients, show them that you take their privacy matters seriously and value the trust they put in you. It can also re-ignite you with your inactive clients and bring them back into the practice. We’ve tailored the messaging according to whether they are an active or inactive client.

Why is personalisation so important?

We regularly communicate with over 2million owners on behalf of our customers, and experience tells us that incorporating personal salutations and their animals’ names makes clients more responsive.

Can I change the wording of the message?

Yes, you can.  However, we have optimised the wording to ensure maximum client engagement.  We can provide you a document detailing the wording for all the SMS and email messages, as well as letters.

Ask our sales team for assistance (0208 123 3965 or email

Is the delivery method set?

iRecall®’s SMARTdelivery™ technology will automatically select the best delivery method (SMS, email or post) for each client based on the information in your PMS, however, you can override these and determine the delivery hierarchy yourself during the installation process.

Will you be compatible with my PMS system?

Please contact one of our team to check the compatibility of your PMS system, either email us at or call us on 0208 123 3965.

We are compatible across a broad range of PMS systems including Voyager, Rx Works, Robovet, Ventana and Teleos.

How will you report back to me?

You are able to track results in real-time via the secure iRecall® Hub, including open rates, conversion rates and message logs. There are also reports highlighting any discrepancies between the information in your PMS & iRecall®

What conversion rates can I expect?

Opt-in rates will vary from practice to practice and also between active and inactive clients. We cannot guarantee that 100% of your clients will give you their consent for marketing purposes but you’ll be able to establish a far stronger relationship with those that do. You will also have shown all your clients that you take their privacy matters seriously.

Can you transfer the results back into my PMS?

iRecall® can provide your PMS provider with an API which they would be able to use.

Can I see a demo of the iRecall® Consent Management process?

Yes – we’d love to show you how it works!  Please email us at or call us on 0208 123 3965 to arrange a suitable time.  We can also send you various materials that you will be able to share with your team in practice.

What happened after 25th May 2018

It is important to remember gaining consent is not a one-off and that your clients’ preferences will need to be managed on an ongoing basis. After the 25th May 2018, you will not be able to contact any of your clients that haven’t consented for marketing purposes with marketing materials. If you are an iRecall® Remind or Review customer, we would able to enhance your service by sending supplementary messages (up to 3 per client) to gain your clients’ communication preferences.

You should also only keep data for as long as you need it, so you may want to consider anonymising older data.

How can I find out more about GDPR?

Although Client Consent is an important part of getting your practice GDPR ready, we know it’s not the whole story! The ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) have a useful 12 step guide on what you need to do. Here’s the link:

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact any of our team on 0208 123 3965 or email us at

8 Principles of Data Protection

  1. Fair and Lawful: only collect what you need to from a client
  2. Intended purpose: only collect and keep data for its original use
  3. Keep the right amount: too much is unnecessary and too little could be detrimental to the service you can provide
  4. Accurate: It is important to ensure that you make an effort to ensure clients details are correct, by using a contact detail checking system
  5. Retention: only keep data for as long as you need it. For clinical purposes this may be as long as 5 years, however other data, such as financial information, should be less
  6. Client Rights: your clients can request to know what information you hold and to be forgotten. In a veterinary practice there may be reasons why this may not be possible – for example, clinical notes and invoice information
  7. Secure: ensure wandering eyes can’t see a computer screen and your IT network is not open to cyber attacks
  8. International: consider where you may be storing data. Do any of the IT services you use pass data beyond the EEC (an email server or website for example), in which case special precautions should be taken

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