How iRecall® compares

The most personalized, genuinely automated client reminder services on the market

Our mission is to develop the best products and services on the market for vets, pets and owners.  The comparison table below shows how our services are leading the way on improved compliance, client service and clinic profitability.


Fully automated, set and forget 365x24x7 coverage, no staff input required  tick  question mark  cross  cross
Fully personalized messages – named pets, products, clinic Client perceive as helpful service reminder, not sales; encourages repurchase from you  tick  question mark  cross  tick
Message sender is your number / email address Trusted source so read more, deleted less  tick  question mark  question mark  tick
All pets & treatments combined in one message Less spam, less opting out  tick  question mark  cross  question mark
Click and collect seamless connected service Easier repurchase from you, higher sales  tick  cross  cross  cross
Rich data presentation on text and email Easier to read, better hit rate, better service  tick  question mark  cross  tick
Integrated with your database No time lag so latest data always used, no sharing with third parties and no messages to euthanased animals  tick  question mark  cross  tick
Seamless integration with your PMS  tick  tick  cross  cross
Intelligent programming Messages always relevant, accurate, clear  tick  cross  cross  question mark
– recognises product fractions,  tick  cross  cross  question mark
– inactive animals,  tick  question mark  cross  question mark
– cleans data,  tick  cross  cross  question mark
– connects purchase history  tick  question mark  cross  question mark
Designed for ease of use Save clinic management time, continue to improve service using simple, relevant data  tick  question mark  cross  cross
– daily reports on usage, issues  tick  question mark  cross  cross
– customizable proven templates  tick  question mark  cross  question mark
– Quick, simple install  tick  question mark  cross  tick