A fully loaded, veterinary specific marketing suite at your fingertips.

iRecall Engage

Create your own marketing campaigns or use our library of templates.

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End to End Solution

Our templates will automatically identify the correct data from your PMS and provide you with a fully designed pack of SMS, email and letters which you can send at the press of a button.

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Want to let your creative juices flow?

Our team will help you retrieve the right information and edit and design your very own campaigns. Choose what channels to use and schedule messages as a one off or on a recurring basis.

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Why Engage?

Globally today, pets receive less than 25% of the treatments they need for preventable diseases including worming, fleas, and ticks and only 50% are regularly vaccinated. Pet owners want to do the right thing but often aren’t aware of the health risks their pet might be facing. iRecall® Engage can help you provide education and strengthen your recommendations to animal owners beyond the consulting room, ensuring that animals receive the right attention, the best care and timely treatments.

The iRecall® Journey


Charles receives an email from his practice about a vaccine amnesty programme and books Pomme an appointment online.


Charles receives an email about Pomme’s appointment. At the vaccine consultation, Pomme’s vet recommends a prescription diet.


Within an hour of Pomme’s regular check-up, Charles completes a mobile feedback questionnaire and posts a glowing review. The practice views the results in real-time on the Hub.

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irecall hub

This is the control room where you can manage all your iRecall® services and monitor your KPIs and successes.

We’ve created a year’s marketing plan so you don’t have to.

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