Military dog awarded the UK’s highest honor of gallantry

Mali - Military Dog

Mali, a special forces dog recently rewarded for gallantry, after working to detected explosives and insurgents during an assault on the Taliban in Afghanistan back in 2012.

The medal Mali received was introduced by the PDSA’s founder back in 1943. It is the highest award achievable by any animal serving in the military. This award has been described as the UK’s highest honor of gallantry. The PDSA described Mali as an ‘incredibly worthy recipient’ and ‘being awarded the PDSA Dickin medal recognises Mali’s vital role within the force that day’.

CPL Daniel Hatley (shown in left image), Mali’s trainer said: “I am extremely proud of Mali. The way he conducted himself when it mattered most enabled my colleagues to achieve success in close combat.”

Alongside Mali’s award, his special armed forces handler received a medal for gallantry for his part in the operation (for security reasons, he cannot be named). His handler at the time of operation said Mali had a reputation as a ‘guardian angel’.

Mali’s credit was given for providing the upper-hand in a near 8-hour operation. He helped dislodge a heavily armed Taliban force from a multi-story building. Within the 8-hour operation, Mali was wounded by three grenade blasts and was sent through fire twice, but still bravely managed to seek out explosives and indicated the locations of the enemy fighters.

Mali has shown truly outstanding ability and bravery and with that, on Armed Forces Day, iRecall® would like to take this opportunity to raise a glass to all the brave men, woman and animals.

Credit: PDSA & The Guardian

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