Our veterinary vision

dog and cat

Globally today, pets receive less than 25% of the treatment they need for preventable diseases such as fleas and worms.

The consequences of spreading disease can be serious, and sometimes fatal, for the pet, and for other infected animals or humans.  The wastage is costly to the veterinary sector, to pet owners, and to our environment.

We believe more can be done

There are many reasons why pets don’t receive treatments as regularly as needed, but often busy lives make it easy to forget to treat or to buy more.  Owners may not see the benefit of regular treatment or they could purchase products that don’t provide the right protection.  They may resent the cost, or be concerned about side effects of long-term usage.

iRecall® harnesses the power of the veterinary recommendation to ensure that pet owners know what, when, how and why they should do their pets treatments, all thanks to a valued relationship with their vet.

More education, more support

Our ambition is to drive up compliance in every market where we operate, working through veterinary clinics as trusted sources of education and support for pet owners.

Our reminder services offer pet owners timely, effective support in treating their pets as regularly as needed.  Vets value the benefits to client service and loyalty, sales and animal health. The services work for everyone.

Global efforts to improve healthcare compliance span animal and human health.  Through collaboration with other organisations tackling the issue, we can make a difference.

Text message reminders are proven to make a difference

Three years of Virtual Recall® data, spanning half a million clients and three-quarters of a million pets, provides compelling evidence that text and email reminders significantly increase timely dosage and repurchase of flea and worming products, driving up parasiticide compliance by an average of 37%.

That improvement in compliance means more animals get more of the treatment they need, more of the time.  Even better, pet owners appreciate the treatment (not sales) reminders, and value their veterinary clinic for the level of service they provide.

Text reminders work for human health too.  A recent human health pilot concluded text reminders could cut the number of patients who forget or stop taking prescribed medication. In the trial, one in six heart patients were helped to continue their treatment, reducing their risk of stroke and heart attack.

Healthier pets, happier owners, healthier clinic

Ultimately, better compliance will lead to healthier pets, happier owners, healthier individual veterinary clinics and a sustainable, ethical global veterinary sector.  Our goal is to help achieve that outcome.