About us

Two vets followed a desire for a simple, cost-effective way to communicate with clients and help keep their pets as healthy as possible.  Unable to find a good enough solution, they built one.

Co-founders Charlie Barton and Jamie Crittall launched Virtual Recall® in 2011 to offer simple, profitable client communication to other vets like ourselves.  Our vision was, and still is, to develop the best client communication services on the market for vets, pets and owners, transforming client service, improving animal health and delivering extraordinary top line profits.


As vets in clinic together, our joint passion for animal health and sustainable business, and our different skills and experience, led to the concept and reality of Virtual Recall®.

We believe passionately in doing business in a way that fits our principles.  We want Virtual Recall® to be a driving force in the global ambition to improve health outcomes through improved compliance, across both animal and human health. We also believe in sustainable, ethical business practices, and we partner with other organisations that share our beliefs and our vision for better animal health and compliance.

The Virtual Recall® team is based in Guildford, in Surrey, England.  We provide text and email client reminder services to veterinary clinics across the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and the USA.