Transform your client service, profit and compliance with iRecall®’s suite of deceptively simple text and email veterinary reminder services.



An introduction to iRecall® in 2 minutes

Find out how our completely automated communications tools for veterinary clinics help to improve animal health, increase sales and keep clients happy.




First class service, better bonding

Clients appreciate iRecall®’s timely, helpful reminders: the only service covering all their pets in a single, easy to read message containing all the information they need to remember to book in for a vaccination, and appreciate the value of this through additional information and eduction. Our additional modules remind owners todose correctly, and to reorder products or book appointments with you.

Better compliance, healthier pets

iRecall® is the only SMS and email reminder service to include product names, pet names and click-through clinic details in every message, making it simple for owners to keep their pets healthy, and for you to improve compliance.

Increase sales, reduce costs

iRecall® text and email reminders are proven to increase parasiticide sales by 37% on average, and general sales by 16%.  Vaccine reminder print and postal costs are reduced by 75% on average.  Saving one missed appointment per week will pay for your iRecall® service.

Better client service for less work

iRecall®’s deceptively simple, automated service reduces workload for your clinic by integrating seamlessly with your PMS.  Live data is checked automatically to ensure reminders are accurate, and messages are sent at the pre-scheduled time without any staff input at all – 365x24x7.

iRecall® is a market-leading suite of SMS and email client reminder services to help veterinary clinics increase client loyalty, grow profit, drive up compliance and reduce clinic management workload.

Our services are proven to deliver results as soon as they are implemented, increasing sales by 37% on average, reducing costs and delivering a return on investment of at least 300%.

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We offer the most personalized, most profitable and easiest to use client reminder solutions on the market. Best for vets. Best for pets. Best for owners.

iRecall Parasiticides

iRecall® Parasiticides is a highly personalized, fully automated flea and worming treatment reminder service, that transforms client service and drives up product sales.

iRecall Vaccinations

iRecall® Vaccinations takes the pain out of your vaccine reminders with fully automatic, integrated text, email and print reminders

iRecall Appointments

iRecall® Appointments makes missed appointments a thing of the past, helping you offer the service level expected of a first class clinic.

iRecall Nutrition

iRecall® Nutrition helps harness your nutritional recommendations to transform pet diet take-up and keep clients coming back to you.

iRecall Health checks

iRecall® Health Check provides essential health check reminders for dental, weight, or any other checks, benefiting your footfall, sales and reputation.

iRecall® Surveys automatically sends out personalised client satisfaction surveys by SMS or email to your clients within an hour of their visit.