Effective communication delivering healthier outcomes

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Effective, Automated Communication

The UK’s most successful client communications solution, helping over 2 million pets worldwide to enjoy healthier, happier lives.

Integrated Marketing using SMS, email, and post to deliver proactive client engagement and best pet health.

irecall engage

Timely education and advice to assist pet owners in becoming active partners in their pets’ health. Create your own marketing campaigns or use our library of templates.

irecall remind

A suite of deceptively simple text, email, and postal reminder services to book, apply or re-purchase treatments and services. Remind 100% of your clients 100% of the time.

irecall review

Responsive surveys providing immediate client feedback, generating positive online reviews. Client testimonials that you can share online and celebrate with your team.

GDPR: Automatically gain and maintain your clients’ consent

Stay GDPR compliant by using iRecall® on-going consent management for all your client marketing and communication needs, regardless of your PMS.

iRecall® is created by vets for vets.

Here’s why you’ll love it:

Personal for each client: Bringing together named pets & treatments into a single message.

Tailored to your practice: Consistent branding for all your communications be it SMS, email or post.

Fully Automated: Intelligently reads your database on a prescheduled basis, ensuring your data is secure at all times.

Timely: Each message is built in real-time, every day of the year.

PMS agnostic: We are compatible with 25 PMS systems.

Market beating R.O.I: Average of 300%.

20% vaccination uplift

300% ROI

38% average uplift in sales